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Business Valuations

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At the Darlene Stone CPA Firm we specialize in a multi-dimensional approach to valuing Darlene Stone CPA PC Business Valuation
small business for purchase or sale. We also value businesses for buy-sell agreements
and for insurance purposes.

There are many reasons to have an up-to-date business valuation. For example:

  • You may need to sell the business due to retirement, health, divorce, or for family reasons.
  • You may need debt or equity financing for expansion or due to cash flow problems. Potential financiers or investors will want to see that the business has sufficient worth.
  • You may be adding shareholders (or one or more shareholders may wish a buyout). In this case, share value will need to be determined.

Regardless of the reason, how much your business is worth depends on many factors, from the current state of the economy through your business’s balance sheet. If for example, similar businesses in your area have recently sold, the value of your business will be determined in large part by the selling price of the previous sales.

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